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Selling a Home

When Selling, an Agent Is a Must.

Required disclosure laws are changing yearly, so you need an informed realtor.  Additionally, choosing the best asking price is a complicated procedure, and the majority of buyers today rely on a realtor to represent them.

Sowell Realtors is a group of highly experienced, full-time realtors, and each one is qualified to help you with these important decisions. If you would like to know more about our agents, you can find an agent now.

You may also provide us with the address of the property you wish to sell and let us pick the agent most familiar with your are.  Just complete our Seller's Information Submission Form.

Marketing Your Home with Sowell Realtors

For nearly three decades our company has successfully marketed properties in Memphis.  We implement several promotional efforts, and our Agents use the most current technology to  showcase the unique aspects of your home to sell as quickly as possible at the best price.  Your home will be listed on the Sowell Realtors website, the Multiple Listing System, and other online databases.  Talk to an agent from Sowell Realtors to find out more about advertising your home.

Before You Sell

Get Ready for Showings

Turn FSBOs into Clients

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