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Linda Sowell

Linda Sowell, Real Estate Agent

Linda Sowell

Owner & Principal Broker

With 50 years in the Memphis residential market, Owner and Principal Broker Linda Sowell lives and loves real estate. She represents her clients' best interests and leads her talented agents with nearly a lifetime of sales and management experience. Linda treasures the city's architectural character and distinctive neighborhoods with up to the minute expertise in all areas from Downtown and Historic Midtown, to East Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, and more. 

In 1973, shortly after presenting an offer to homebuilder, John G. Sowell, Linda joined his real estate firm where she later became Principal Broker in 1988. Homegrown and locally owned, Sowell Realtors is an integral part of Midtown Memphis. Linda is personally invested in the local businesses and charities that make up the wonderful Midtown community.

A lifetime member of the Multi Million Dollar Sales Club, Linda has held numerous volunteer positions with the Memphis Area Association of Realtors including Member of the Board of Directors, Professional Standards Chairman, and President of the Memphis Real Estate Education Foundation.