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Jane Baker

Jane Baker

Affiliate Broker

For Jane Baker, the whole Memphis area is her hometown.  She is familiar with and knowledgeable of the entire market, whether working for sellers, representing buyers, or researching opportunities for investors, Jane brings the same level of enthusiasm and passion to each endeavor. She has been a realtor for over 25 years in markets across the country and that experience allows her a better understanding of the nuances of any current market; intuit and strategize a realistic price point which appeals to both buyer and seller, ending in a timely sales contract satisfying to all parties.

For a seller, Jane will make staging suggestions, arrange for professional photography of the property, promptly get it on the market and oversee all appointments, showings, and feedback. And when negotiations begin, she will calmly mediate and advise for the best interests and desired end for a seller. From day one on the market to the last day at the closing table, Jane will efficiently monitor and execute every detail of the sale of your property.

Buyers have a soft spot and a special interest to Jane. Buying a home is an emotional experience and her sensitivity to that makes her an outstanding buyers’ agent. Buyers can trust Jane's keen ability for assessing the housing market to find properties which best fit their wants, needs, and price. Her perseverance, advice and advocacy throughout the entire process can make a stressful time, far less so for a first time or last time buyer.

Choosing Jane Baker as your agent means less worry and better results for all aspects of your real estate needs.