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Go Green With Sowell!


The Values of Going Green

We believe that doing our part to preserve the earth’s natural resources is one of the most important responsibilities we have.

Through various policies, we are able to provide a cleaner and healthier environment in our workplace, encourage our clients to be responsible consumers, and heighten the community’s environmental awareness.  We have been managing these practices since the green movement gained momentum, and we have seen the good it can bring to our overall wellness and peace of mind.  Additionally, we have improved our efficiency and lowered our operating costs.

Sowell Realtors recycles paper, cardboard, glass, and aluminum, as well as ink cartridges and electronic devices.  We stock our break room with reusable dishes, glasses, and silverware, and we provide our agents with a water dispenser and discourage the use of bottled water.  We also conserve energy by monitoring our electricity use and shutting down our computers and printers at the end of each day.

Communicating with clients online is another way we promote a green lifestyle.

We have designed our new website so that clients can fill out home surveys, seller information forms, and questionnaires and send them to us electronically.  They can also view our listings, news, advertisements, open houses, and promotions. We distribute reusable grocery bags to our friends and clients as well.

We hope that you will be inspired to make your home a little greener with us.

On this page you'll find some of our favorite tips and a few links to help you start saving money, conserving energy, and preserving our community and our planet for future generations.

Simple Practices for a Greener Home

Save Energy and Water
  • Turn the lights out when you leave a room.  It's a basic rule, but it's easy to forget.  When your bulbs burn out, replace them with compact fluorescent light bulbs. CFLs use less power and have a longer life than regular bulbs.
  • Unplug appliances when you’re not using them.  You can also purchase a "smart" power strip that can sense when appliances are off  and will cut "phantom" energy use.
  • Set your thermostat a few degrees lower in winter and few degrees higher in the summer. 
  • Wash your clothes in cold water – 85% of the energy used by washing machines is spent heating the water.
  • Use a drying rack or clothesline to dry clothes when possible.
  • Take shorter showers and install a low-flow shower head.
  • Install faucet aerators on every faucet to conserve heat and water while keeping water pressure high.
  • Only operate dishwashers and washing machines when they are full.  Chose a conservative setting or water level.
  • When washing dishes by hand, fill one side of the sink with soapy water for cleaning and rinse under a low-flow stream of water on the other side.  

Save Gas

  • Drive the speed limit and keep you windows up. Having the windows down increases turbulence.
  • Turn off your air conditioner when you can.
  • Consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle.  Even better, get a used hybrid vehicle.
  • Drive less:  carpool and combine errands and trips.  If you live close enough, walk or bike to work.

Recycle and Reduce Waste

  • Reduce waste by purchasing goods with minimal packaging and choosing reusable products. 
  • Take advantage of recycling services. Learn about recycling in the city of Memphis.
  • Skip bottled water in favor of a water filter and reusable containers.
  • Invest in reusable shopping bags.
  • Consider buying gently used or secondhand products.  Garage sales, thrift stores, consignment shops, and sites like Craigslist.com are great places to find unique furniture, home accessories, and clothing.  Donate your unwanted items to thrift stores.
  • Borrow things instead of buying them.  Books and DVDs can be borrowed from libraries, and power tools and appliances are usually right next door.
  • Invest in high-quality, long lasting products.
  • Donate or responsibly recycle computers, cell phones, and electronics.

Live in Harmony and Stay Informed

  • Create a compost bin in your backyard.
  • Grow an herb garden, or better yet, a small vegetable garden.  You'll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and get a nice reminder about where food comes from.
  • Support restaurants that buy ingredients locally.
  • Make your own cleaning products.  You can make effective, non-toxic cleaning products from simple ingredients like baking soda, lemon, vinegar, and soap.  You'll save money, avoid packaging, and preserve your indoor air quality.
  • Subscribe to green blogs on your favorite green websites.

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