Serenity Now: Using Blue in the Bedroom
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Serenity Now: Using Blue in the Bedroom

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. Or they should be, at least. According to this article, one way to get the most out of our bedrooms is to have it painted blue.

In theory, cool shades of blue create a calming atmosphere. The light tones make the room look bigger and evoke memories of peaceful skies or still water. More than once, I've read that blue is "soothing," which I think we all need in a place we are going to sleep.


This bedroom (one of four at 1757 Vinton) has pale, almost slate-blue shade painted on the walls.



This shade of blue is brighter and lighter, yet still has very cool undertones. (The above room is at 2033 Cowden.)  While this color is more of a baby blue, there are other "cool blues," like ice blue or sky blue.

While still in the same color family, warmer shades of blue (like turquoise, dusky blue, or some denim jean colors) give bedrooms a more casual and cozy feel. Some examples:


Both of the rooms above (they are from separate houses seen here and here) feature blues with warm undertones. The color combination with the orangey-brown hardwood floors just adds to each room's personality.


The paint in this room is lighter, but it's still a dusky shade of blue. The color is kind of like your favorite, well-worn denim shirt. Or a very pale turquoise. This same house (1905 Mignon) actually has another bedroom painted blue, but it's a cooler hue.

 If you still need some inspiration on using blue in the bedroom, you can always turn to Martha Stewart. 

Posted by John D Smith at 4:21 PM

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