Selling an Empty House
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Selling an Empty House

If you look over real estate websites, you'll often see them recommend "staging" your home when trying to sell it. (Like here, here, and here).

But what about when the house is empty? Even though there won't be furnishings or accessories to help buyers connect to your rooms, you can still highlight their potential. The goal is to get others to visualize the flow of the floorplan. 

Step 1: Inspect the Exterior     Keep the lawn and any landscaping tidy, which also means removing any lawn ornament that might be seen as "unkempt." Make sure the windows, gutters, and sidewalks are clean. And most of all, take care of the entryway. It's all about the first impression, right? That means getting rid of any spiderwebs, scraps of paper, etc.

Step 2: Remove Distractions Inside     Any little mark or dent will show. Traffic patterns on the floor become much more noticeable. So will any dead bugs or, again, spiderwebs. Make sure visitors notice the room and not any scuff by having floors, carpets, shelves, and window sills thoroughly cleaned.

Step 3: Give a Room a Pick-Me-Up     A simple fresh coat of paint can revitalize a room. For empty houses especially, care should be given to the choice of shade. Warm and neutral colors are best. Also, remove any heavy or worn window treatments, but do keep blinds in place (if in good condition). Replace any broken bulbs or outdated light fixtures. Make sure the rooms have a fresh scent.

Step 4: Going the Extra Mile     Completing the other steps should be the top priority, but if you want to add even more to the potential buyer's experience, then consider setting up framed pictures of the room when it was in use. A photo of the way you laid out your living room put on the mantle, for example.


Posted by John D Smith at 16:52

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