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Backyard Escapes

Summer is in full swing, alright, but that doesn't have to mean running inside to avoid sweltering afternoons. With a shady deck, outdoor living room, or swimming pool, you enjoy being outside and sipping sweet tea.

HGTV and Martha Stewart have some great ideas about decorating your outdoor area and DIY projects as well as "hardscaping" with everything from fireplaces to furniture.


This house on S. Belvedere does it right! The earth, fire, wind, and water elements are all present from the stonework to the fireplace and kitchen to the ceiling fans to the pool. It's a complete oasis from Memphis heat.


The shade of the back patio at this home is really inviting. Who wouldn't want to lounge on some heavily padded furniture here?


Lanscaping your backyard makes a difference, too. The back deck of this house on Harbert Ave. comes equipped for some shade, but careful planning has placed other seating areas under several leafy trees. And that's what summer really comes down to, sitting in the shade.


Posted by John D Smith at 11:31 AM

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