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Dining Room Design

While looking at the HGTV website, I saw an article about new ways to rethink the design of your dining room pop up. The type of furnishings you have can help build an ideal atmosphere, but optimizing the layout and features of your dining room are also important to the look and feel of it. It's true that many of us reserve the dining room for formal occassions, but a fresh design could spark some creativity and lead to your dining room being one of your favorite rooms!


For example, this dining room has a recess in one of the walls that you can take advantage of by putting in furniture for extra storage or displays of china, art, or plants. If you find the well-kept wood floors and abundance of natural light inspiring, then you should check out the open house for the listing above that we will be hosting on June 26 at 2 p.m. You see more pictures of this house on Twin Lakes Road in Fayette County here.


Another great idea is to make a spacious dining room appear even larger and lighter by putting in a small round table. The dining room in the house below (at 2302 Jefferson) is a good example. Your average recatangular table would fit, but the circular table gives the room a more casual mood. The added warmth from the wooden shutters and light green paint changes the dining room from formal to comfortable.



Of couse, if you want a formal dining room, there are some houses that really facilitate that feeling of elegance.  The opulance here makes this dining room at 667 McLean fit for a feast. The fireplace adds luxury as does the unique molding on the ceiling, which is carried throughout much of the rest of the house.



After all that design work you will be ready to eat! But before you make dinner, check out some of the latest offerings at the Memphis Botanic Garden. Not only is their Farmer's Market open for business, but also My Big Backyard is hosting the special exhibit "Delicious Dining," which showcases the various types of plants used in food preparation.

Posted by John D Smith at 2:21 PM

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