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Listing Spotlight

We have several listings that include homes of all sizes and in many locations, but here is one house that we would like to direct your attention to!

In a subdivision across from Overton Park, this English Tudor home has plenty of windows overlooking a shady, quiet street, so it has several sources of natural light. In fact, an office on the north side of the house is lined with windows!

Paired with the high ceilings, these windows give the house a light, airy atmosphere. Another great feature of this 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom house is its kitchen. Big and bright, it also has a nook for dining (even though it can't be seen in this picture).


Need another reason to check out this listing? It has an in-ground pool -- great for this Memphis heat! Call us for more information or click here.

Posted by John D Smith at 4:34 PM

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