What an Exciting Summer We've Had!
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What an Exciting Summer We've Had!


It's been quite a while since our last blog post here at Sowell & Company,

But I know that our adoring fans were pleased to read about the fabulous Mike Lawhead over and over again. (If you didn't catch it before, click the moustache in the previous post to experience a very informative moustache website.) 


As I said, we're way past due for a Sowell & Company update...


First of all, our seminar last July was a great success.

We had a big turnout, and our guests  left with happy tummies and a heads full of ideas about marketing a home for sale--from preparing for the appraisal to staging with only available furniture and decor.  Our speakers wereMary Davis of C. Howard Davis Appraisals, Mary Katherine Taras of MKFT Interiors, and garden design specialist Ava Middleton.  All the presentations were full of simple and practical suggestions.  For instance, angling furniture (as opposed to placing it flat against each wall) and staggering furniture of differing heights are simple ways to add interest and visually balance a room--no new furniture necessary! What about those hanging plants on the front porch? 


Ava Middleton suggests adding an extender to the hook so the plant hangs perfectly centered in the frame created by the posts and railing.  Ah!  Much better...  Apparently, looks are everything when you're selling, but our experts reassured us that good lipstick and rouge don't have to cost a fortune.  I think a lot of our audience members left with just a little more courage about selling their homes on a budget in this challenging market.  If you missed it, don't despair!  Just stay tuned to find out about our next seminar!


We also wrapped up our efforts for "Operation Feed," a food drive coordinated by the Midsouth Foodbank.


We had a lot of fun partnering with our neighbors at Restaurant Iris to collect items for those less fortunate.  We sort of had a rough start, as one of our agents thought the first donation of dried beans and canned veggies were meant for just anyone with a hankering for Tuesday night stew.  After a quick investigation, we  apprehended the offender and sentenced him to a double donation.  Sadly, the beans had already been consumed.


All of our agents participated in the food drive, and many of our clients donated to the cause too.  It was so exciting to watch box after box fill with food!  I think we pulled it together to make a great contribution.  I attended the wrap-up ceremony at the Malco Paridiso to accept our lovely participation award and to join in the celebration!  I was stunned to find out how many people the Food Bank helps with this one drive. This and all other drives allow the Food Bank to supply 76% of the food distributed by pantries in the Midsouth, as well as 53% of the food in soup kitchens and 48% of food distributed by shelters.  

Next year, we're pulling out all the stops to bring home the big prize!  In the meantime our elegant little participation award will stand proudly on display in the reception area.






Since our last blog post, Sowell & Company has welcomed two new Realtors to the company: Ashley Dacus and Cindy Stanfill.

They're both exceptional Realtors (we'd accept nothing less) and great people all around.  I had the chance to ask Ashley why she chose to join with Sowell and why she loves Memphis.  She was more than happy to gush!:



"I came to Sowell & Company because my experience with other Sowell & Company agents in the past had only been marvelous and Sowell & Company has a reputation for having some of the smartest folks - and their commitment to technology and sustainability was a big factor, too. 

 Ashley Dacus
Plus, everyone I asked said Linda was a wonderful broker.  To quote another broker when I told him where I'd moved:  'There is no better mentor, teacher, role model and professional than Linda.' I'm from Northeast Mississippi, but I've been living here since 2004.



I'm obsessed with Memphis!  There's so much to do!  The food (oh gawd, the food!), the music, the festivals, the cultural experience - I really can't see myself anywhere else.  I love to travel, but I LOVE to come home to Memphis.  And I completely stumbled into real estate very accidentally, but I think it's the perfect fit - I love being an ambassador for the city, I love getting to know new folks, and I love getting to experience the city as if for the first time over and over, vicariously through my clients."

Wow!  Memphis and everyone and Sowell & Company love you too, Ashley!  I really like Ashley, and I really love her blog, "Home Sweet Memphs."  It's full of wonderful insight into the Memphis Real Estate Market and has plenty of great ideas for living the good life in Memphis. Check it out!


One of my favorite Sowell Realtors, Lynn Baack recently clued me in to the Tennessee Appliance Rebate Program.

She wanted to make sure I spread the word.  The program affects customers who bought energy-efficient air conditioning and heating equipment before April 22, 2010.  This includes Energy Star-qualified room air conditioners, central air conditioners, air-source heat pumps, and gas furnaces.  Rebates can be anywhere from $40 to $250, depending on the appliance.  Rebates will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, so act now!  For more information visit tnecd.gov/recovery/energystar.html.


So that's the recap.  What's next? 

Well, the Cooper-Young Festival in Midtown is this weekend.  Sowell & Company is sponsoring the Cooper-Young 4-Miler on Friday, and just guess who the lucky lady to run for Sowell will be... Yours truly!  If  you're running, walking, flying, or crawling in the race, I'll see you there!  This will be my first Cooper-Young festival to experience, so I'm very excited.  Supposedly, it's the biggest festival in town, next to Memphis in May, and there's tons of live music, crafts, and activities.  If you'd like to learn more, visit the Cooper-Young Festival website.

Until next time!
Katie Bird

Posted by Cindy Jayne at 3:54 PM

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