I'm in Love With Painting! ...And the folks at Home Depot are going to love me.
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I'm in Love With Painting! ...And the folks at Home Depot are going to love me.

This week I've been painting the living room in my new house...

As well as the extra bedroom that I've decided will be the "music room" or "groove space."  Every day after work, I've put on my painter's hat, put down a drop-cloth, and cranked up some Aretha in preparation for a late night of cleaning, sanding, edging, taping, and rolling.  

I've always loved painting interiors.  I think it's therapeutic for me because it requires just enough skill to occupy my mind along with just enough repetition to be very soothing.

As much as I love it, I'm rational about the great amount of effort involved.  Normally, I would be opposed to insanely late painting sessions on weekdays, but I my fire was lit last weekend by how much a color can change a space and the way you feel about being in it. 

Here's my story:

After work last Friday, I decided I would finally splurge on a great set of sheets to make myself feel a little more cozy and at home.  So I drove all the way out to.... TJ Maxx!  I found some beauties, but I just couldn't convince myself spend on even bargain priced sheets.  

Some people are born to shop. Unfortunately, I was not.  If I do buy anything,  I must feel the item worthy enough to include in my burial tomb.

So new sheets were not in the cards, but, (Oh happy day!)  as I spun on my heels to go home, my eye fell upon the most exquisitely patterned shower curtain.  Oh, it was love... And at $14.95, it was a deal!  I rushed home with it to check that the blue in the curtain matched my beautiful blue tile floor.  Oh, rapture!  It was fabulous. There was only one problem.  The walls were the color of dry dirt.  I inspected the walls closely with the curtain in hand.  How could I make this work?  Haul in some dirt for a dirt centerpiece?  Install a nice ant farm?  Hmm...

Then I noticed a little chipped spot.  The paint layer felt very rubbery, so I pulled; like a curious child, I began peeling and peeling. Lo, and behold! Underneath was a beautiful smooth sea green layer of color that perfectly matched my new curtain!

I love distressed walls, so I decided to peel as much brown paint away from the one wall as I could and leave it looking splotchy and worn.  I then took a paint chip and had it matched at the paint store to paint the edges and remaining walls.

 Before  After

So now my formerly brown, boring bathroom is quite a gem, and I can't help but believe that the stars aligned to make it so.

The most important result of this turn of events was the bond that it created between me and that tiny little bathroom.  Adding a color and a few details that I really appreciate made me feel more at ease and more at home.  I mean, after everything was over, I wanted to just hang out in there. I even bought a shower caddy, a toothbrush holder, and a rubber ducky!


So I'm on a painting spree.  I have a feeling that when I finish the living room and groove space, I'll immediately move on to the kitchen and bedroom.  Who knew that a little color could bond one to a space so much?! ...Serendipity...

Posted by Katie Lambert at 5:14 PM

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