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Steve Solomon

Steve Solomon

Sowell & Company's Featured Agent

"Once you meet me, you never forget me!"

Steve Solomon is a lifelong Memphian with over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry.

Steve says that growing up he was a natural leader with the same take-charge attitude that defines his remarkable personality today.  Ask anyone at Sowell & Company about him and you're sure to hear these descriptions:  honest, outspoken, trustworthy, a stickler for rules, and very knowledgeable. 

Little Steve
He's proud to be the "go-to" guy in the office when it comes to real estate information, and even Linda Sowell sometimes consults Steve with complex questions. 

Steve is committed to being an exceptional agent.

You'll find him in the office seven days a week, and he is quick to explain that  he feels obligated to continue his education whenever there is an opportunity to do so.  One of his mottos is," You should learn as much as you can in order to be the best at what you do." Steve has earned both his Broker's license and GRI certification.

He takes pride in keeping his clients' best interests at the forefront of every communication and transaction.  "I don't let anything fall through the cracks," he says. "I continually follow up and keep the ball rolling, so when it's time to close, my client is ready to close without a hitch."  His dedication to providing the finest service and upholding the code of ethics has earned him a position on the Professional Standards Committee of MARR.  His habit of being thorough is a thread that runs through his personal life and every endeavor.

People around the office also know him as a genuinely caring person who never meets a stranger.

His office is a testament to his big heart.  Steve proudly displays numerous real estate awards alongside certificates from animal rights groups, photos of his two adorable cats, and an odd collection of knick knacks that says are "gifts" from clients and friends. 
Other agents joke that they often send their clients gifts in gratitude, but the opposite is true for Steve! 
 Steve's Doppelganger
He also displays a photo of an alert prairie dog, whose attentive and energetic stance perfectly mirrors Steve's readiness to assist the next client.

Steve has a great network of friends that he's known for years, and he loves to plan trips and travel with them.  He's been all over the world and on 20 cruises to date. His gregarious nature and passion for seeing new places and people have led him to his most recent venture, working as a travel agent.

You don't know Steve Solomon until you hear about his two adorable cats Oliver and Hershey.



 They are his most beloved companions and he admits to spoiling them.  Oliver is "friendly and never meets a stranger"--very much like his master, and Hershey is aloof but loves to be pet.  Steve is a passionate animal rights activist and belongs to the ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, The Humane Society of America, and The Shelby County Humane Society.



Sowell & Company is so proud to work with Steve Solomon.  He has a combination of qualities that are hard to find together in a real estate agent--honesty, knowledge, and compassion.  He's an excellent agent and one of the best friends anyone could ask for.

To learn more about Steve or to contact him Click Here.


Posted by Katie Lambert at 4:59 PM

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