I Took a Homebuyer's Education Class! ...and you should too!
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I Took a Homebuyer's Education Class! ...and you should too!

Hi! I hope everyone is enjoying our new website. We love it!

Since the last time I posted, I was lucky enough to attend a homebuyer’s education class at United Housing, Inc.-- right down the street from our office.

I learned so much, and taking a class like this is an absolute MUST for inexperienced and first time homebuyers before they take any steps toward home ownership.  We covered the entire scope of the home buying process, including preparing yourself financially to buy a home, improving and maintaining your credit, understanding different types of loans, applying for a loan, maintaining a budget, and looking for the right home.   

When I told one of our agents, Jeanie Henson, how pleased and informed the class left me, she agreed that it is crucial to educate yourself about buying a home because, “if you don’t have good working knowledge beforehand, you might not know the right questions to ask.” Knowledge is power, and everyone, even veteran homebuyers, should feel confident that they can wisely negotiate with their agent, their lender, and the many other people involved in the home buying process.

The free class was eight hours long.  Mine was held Saturday, but they offer the class on weekdays too.   They also provided a wonderful textbook that I took home and devoured for the rest of the weekend.  United Housing, Inc. is certified by HUD, THDA, and the City of Memphis.  It’s a nonprofit organization, and its aim is to support the revitalization of Memphis neighborhoods through housing productions, homebuyer education and counseling, and affordable lending products for low to moderate and first time homebuyers.  They offer services in both English and Spanish.  United Housing is located in a cute blue house at 51 N. Cooper, and you can find out more about their classes at www.uhinc.org or call them at (901) 272-1122.

In other news…

Yesterday, we had a wonderful realtors' luncheon in Belleair Woods.  The home, located at 34 Belleair, is very opulent and beautiful.   I think the agents in attendance enjoyed the complement a grand atmosphere lends to lip-smackin’ Corky’s BBQ

I have to say, I personally enjoyed mixing business with BBQ.  Check out photos of the event on our Flickr Photostream.

Peace, Love & BBQ.


P.S. The BBQ Shrimp from Corky’s is dynamite!

Posted by Katie Lambert at 3:42 PM

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