Hello! Welcome to Sowell & Company's Blog!
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Hello! Welcome to Sowell & Company's Blog!

Hello!  I'm Katie, and I'll be the official blogger for Sowell & Company's new website. 

I know that all of the agents and staff at Sowell & Company are really looking forward to the launch of our website.  It's going to be such a great tool for people who are buying and selling homes in Memphis, and you'll be in touch with an excellent agent in no time! 

Not only will you be able to read about all of our agents and  view our listings, you'll also get to use interactive maps, search for properties, get information and tips about real estate and relocating, learn what the city of Memphis has to offer, check out open houses, and view our Twitter and Facebook updates!  Whew! Pretty great, huh?

The new site will be a huge asset to our clients and our company, and it will help people just like me! Newcomers and first time home buyers in the fair Bluff City!  If I'd had all of the great information on our new site at my fingertips as I planned to relocate, I would have been even more excited about finding my dream home and getting settled in Memphis, Tennessee.  As I explore the content of our new site, I think of how wonderful it will be to explore different neighborhoods, attractions, amenities, and homes for sale with a few darling little mouse clicks!

Nonetheless, I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful agent at Sowell & Company who helped me find the perfect spot and understand the process of purchasing a home.  I can tell you from experience, the people here are truly amazing!  Whether you're buying or selling a home in Memphis, they pull together to make your dreams come true!

Until next time,


Posted by Katie Lambert at 4:29 PM

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