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David da Ponte

David da Ponte, Real Estate Agent

David da Ponte-Cooper

Affiliate Broker

David da Ponte-Cooper started in the real estate industry over 20 years ago when he became an agent with Sowell Realtors.

“I’m still excited each time I have an opportunity to work with a client. I especially enjoy the fact that many of my clients are repeat clients that I’ve worked with over a span of years. My life IS real estate and I’m proud of it!”

David stays current with local market trends in order to advise his clients. His success is demonstrated by the fact he was named as a Life Member of the Multi-Million Dollar Club in 2005. Additionally, he is consistently a Top 5 producer at Sowell and was just named as the lead in sales at the company for February 2022. Also, David was one of the Top 10 agents in the city last year (2021) with almost $30 million in sales.