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Buying & Selling

Buying or Selling a Home in Memphis, TN

The process of buying or selling your home isn't an easy one.

There are many steps involved in real estate transactions. When you are buying, you aren't just finding the right house. You also have to choose a lender, get the best financing available, and hire an attorney. You have to learn about the neighborhood and locate school districts and neighborhood associations. You have to prepare a contract, get an inspection, an appraisal, negotiate repairs, pack, and move... It's no wonder people get overwhelmed!

This is where a real estate professional can help you.

A qualified, experienced real estate agent in Memphis knows what to expect, even when outcomes can be unexpected. Working with a real estate professional means having a full-time licensee working to obtain what is in your best interest; a realtor has a legal responsibility to put your interests first, even before his or her own. A realtor also has the inside scoop, providing you with a sense of security and the opportunity to enjoy the business of buying or selling your home. Sowell Realtors know the Memphis area like the back of their hand, and they are ready to help you with every step of the home-buying process.

Only a Realtor has access to the Multiple Listing Service, a comprehensive database containing information about homes for sale.

Using the MLS, a realtor can facilitate a quicker sale of your home or find the dream house you thought didn't exist. He or she can offer expert assistance when exploring your options, deciding what kind of home you want, making an offer, and securing affordable financing. Yes, you can look on your own on third party sites that list houses that are on the market. However, realtors can see upcoming houses and houses that haven't yet made their way to these other websites yet.

When selling, a real estate agent will effectively market your home.

A realtor can also help you choose the right time to list, help you disclose information about the structure of your home, and provide suggestions for a faster sale. They will also help you determine what repairs or upgrades you should do before putting your house up for sale in order to get the highest offer. An experienced realtor also knows that professional pictures will help show your house in the best possible light.

Experienced Memphis Realtors

Sowell Realtors would like the opportunity to represent your interests and help you in the purchase or sale of a home. You'll find lots of helpful information on our website to assist you as you begin this process. Let's get started together!  We hope to show you that things can go smoothly in real estate and that the experience can be a pleasant one.

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