New Wish Lists for Homebuyers
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New Wish Lists for Homebuyers

As 2021 opens with the pandemic still in place, the “wish list” of homebuyers has shifted a bit. As people are spending more time at home, their needs have expanded for space to house home offices and designated work out spaces.

Sowell agent Jane Baker said, “Buyers working remotely from the comfort of home may not be so comfortable with parents and kids all in the house at the same time. More separation of space is helpful, so families are often looking for houses with more bedrooms to offer them the flexibility of using some of the rooms for different purposes like exercise rooms, playrooms or homes offices.”

Jane added, “Another thing that stands out is the increase in demand for swimming pools. With more families staying close to home, the demand for pools has skyrocketed. I think we will see that trend continue as we move into the warmer months.”


Posted by Emily Keplinger at 12:48

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