More Good News for Memphis Real Estate
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More Good News for Memphis Real Estate

The following article appeared in the April 18-24, 2014 issue of the Memphis Business Journal. 

"Memphis-area home sales surge in March

The weather is not the only thing warming up with the arrival of spring in the Mid-South.

Memphis-area homes sales in march vaulted 21.3 percent from February, when there were 987 total sales recorded in the Memphis Area Association of Realtors' property records database. 

March was good for sellers and a welcome change from the past few months.  Year-over-year home sales rose 1.9 percent, with 1,197 total sales recorded.  Average sales price year-over-year grew 8.8 percent to $146,306.

YTD sales volume increased 5.4 percent to $453.4 million.

'We saw a huge sales spike from February to March,' Greg Glosson, MAAR president, says.  'And values are up as well.  All good news as we go into the busy season.' "

Posted by Jacob Watkins at 11:43

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