How we are coping with the novel Coronavirus
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How we are coping with the novel Coronavirus

At Sowell Realtors, we want you to know how we are dealing with the sudden and dramatic changes we are experiencing due to the novel Coronavirus. 

First and foremost, we are still helping our clients buy and sell their homes — every day!

We are doing so using a variety of precautions to protect our clients and prospective clients. 

When we show a home, our agents wear gloves and shoe covers. We maintain correct social distancing and wear face masks. Our agents also use hand sanitizer for themselves and Clorox wipes for hard surfaces (i.e., door knobs, light switches, countertops, etc.).

Prior to a home showing, we take photos and offer virtual tours to give prospective buyers a first look. This online presence helps capture the broadest audience while narrowing the flow of traffic into your home down to serious prospective buyers. 

Let Sowell Realtors help you navigate these unprecedented times. Our real estate professionals and their online inventory listings can ensure that you experience “smooth sailing” as you buy or sell your home.


Posted by Emily Keplinger at 12:41

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