Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck
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Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Thinking about selling? Wondering how to prepare your home for the market?

There are several things that you can do now to get your home ready — and the preparations don’t need to feel like drudgery. To lighten your mood, adopt the mindset that you are getting ready to have a party at your house. Then make a list of all those things you need to do “to entertain.”

A thorough cleaning should be at the top of your list, including a Sort and Sift Session (or two) to help you declutter. As you go through your things, consider it you really want to have to move each and every item. Donate items you no longer need or use — even broken or discarded electronics can be e-cycled. 

Once the clutter is under control, walk around your home and make a note of anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. This step applies to your home’s interior as well as exterior. Getting any maintenance or repair issues completed will help you command top dollar for your property.

Go the extra mile to make your house shine and make it stand out among the competition. Power wash exterior surfaces like walkways and driveways. The value of sparkling clean windows should not be underestimated, so wash your windows inside and out.

Lastly, invite a trusted friend or family member to come over and do a “walk through” with you. Ask them to give a critical assessment of your home, as though they were a potential buyer. Then invite your realtor to do the same thing. Heed their comments and make any final adjustments, and you’re ready to invite others to your Open House.


Posted by Emily Keplinger at 13:16

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