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5 Reasons A Property Sells


As the old adage goes, the most important feature of any property can be summed up by the three "L's": Location, Location, Location. Whether it's because of proximity to a potential buyer's workplace, being within the ideal school district, or falling right in the heart of the "it" place to be, a property's location is all important.    


As Realtors, our job is to help you determine the appropriate price for your property, whether you're buying or selling. We do this by drawing on our own individual experience and that of our firm, as well as using the resources available to us to determine the recent market activity of comparable properties. An appropriate listing price will draw in a buyer, so we do our very best to get it right from the start. 


As in any contract, a real estate sales contract is essentially a compromise to suit all parties. At Sowell, we strive to be keen negotiators so that we can work out the best terms possible to satisfy our clients.  


Preparing a home for listing and showings has been compared to preparing for a party. Your home should be clean and tidy, and any maintenance issues should be addressed. Buyers want to see a home that is in good repair, and that has been well maintained. Things that you may not notice living in your home day to day may really stand out to buyers, so windows should be clean, every surface should be dusted, and personal items should be stored in an orderly fashion. On the outside, landscaping should be neat; sidewalks and siding should be clean and free from moss or mildew; any obvious rot or decay should be repaired and painted. It is important to make your property look fresh and presentable.   

The Agent You Choose

A Realtor can make or break a sale. You need an agent who knows the market, and is well equipped to spread the word about your listing as far and wide as possible. It is also important to choose an agent who is skilled at negotiating, and at communication. During a real estate transaction, your agent must communicate with all parties, including sellers and buyers, lenders, attorneys, inspectors, and contractors. At Sowell, we work hard to keep the lines of communication open; we network with other firms in the city so that we can cast our net wide when marketing our listings; we work to build relationships with reliable and reputable vendors and contractors so that we can recommend the best to our clients.  

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